Centerpoint Podcast: Elephant's and Donkey's – The State of the Union

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Series: Elephants and Donkeys
The State of the Union
Chris Vanbuskirk

Message Takeaway: God’s liberating love is bigger than our political opinions!

Biblical Context:
Matthew 4:17
Mark 1:15
Luke 4:43
Genesis 1:27
Galatians 2:11-21
1 Corinthians 13:13

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Opening Discussion

  • What is your earliest experience or memory about politics and/or elections?

General Discussion

  1. In regards to politics, Chris suggests that there are 3 types of people: 1) those who obsess, 2) those who avoid, and 3) those who engage. Which type of person are you, and why do you think so?
  1. Read Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15, and Luke 4:43. Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time addressing political issues in the Bible, but He did, however, talk at length about God’s Kingdom returning to earth. Do you think there will be heavenly consequences for the way we engage politics here on earth?
  1. Pastor Chris grew up assuming all Christians voted the same way until he found out his favorite Christian professor in college voted differently. This caused Chris to reassess his values, assumptions, and priorities. Have you had an experience like this that caused you to reassess your political priorities and assumptions? What was it?
  1. Chris shared a story about a youth pastor who was fired because of a bumper sticker on his car that supported a political candidate the lead pastor didn’t endorse. Have any of you experienced – or heard about – fallout due to a person’s political ideas? Given the situation, do you think the fallout was warranted?
  1. Tony Campolo stated that, “Conservatives maintain many lines that should never be crossed, while liberals destroy many lines that should have never existed.” What do you think about this quote? Agree or disagree?
  1. At Centerpoint, we don’t believe that any certain political affiliation is essential to the faith. In fact, we encourage political diversity and healthy discourse in regards to politics. How does this “encouragement of diversity” make you feel? Are you comfortable with it?


  • Spend some time this week thinking about your attitude toward people who have a different political ideology than you. Do you need an attitude adjustment when it comes to engaging these people? Pray to God this week and ask Him to reveal any areas to you that need tweaked so you can be a better ambassador for Jesus in the arena of politics.

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