We believe church is more about what we can give, than what we can get.

At Centerpoint, we have created a culture where people serve without question and there’s no place you can see it in action more than on our Dream Team . We believe everyone can serve and play a role in fulfilling the dream God has called us to, and we invite you to join us in finding your place in fulfilling the dream!
Serving on the Dream Team starts by taking part in Ownership on the first Sunday Evening of every month. After completing the Ownership, we have numerous positions available for you to explore.  Check out the complete list below and sign-up for the area you’d like to connect with!
You can also explore job postings for various Dream Team Coordinator positions and click the corresponding links to apply at the bottom of this page.


Guitar Band

 To lift high the name of Jesus and move people towards Him through music
You like your music loud, your jeans tight and working hard to get things right.
*The band conducts virtual auditions which you can learn about HERE.

coffee Cafe

To create an environment where each guest can feel valued and welcomed
You like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and wearing a cool apron

Soda #CPYouth

To empower the NEXT generation to do big things for God NOW
You think Mt. Dew should be part of the food pyramid and have almost endless energy

Shaking hands Guest Services

To make guests feel like friends and friends feel like family
You see a new face as a new friend and like showing people love through a smile

children Kidspoint

To connect kids to kids and kids to Jesus
You have a special affinity for goldfish crackers and loud noises

teamwork Logistics

To ensure everything and everyone and is the right place at the right time
You consider MacGyver a hero and like working with your hands to help others

spotlight Production

To help people experience Jesus in a creative, authentic way
Computer Operator, Light Slider, Sound Tech, Stage-Hand
You like pushing buttons, working with computers and making things look awesome

SM Social Media

To connect people to Jesus and CP through meaningful, creative, relevant, and timely media
You can take a good selfie and know how to hashtag

code Website

To connect CP to the internet, and connect the internet to Jesus.
You see the world like Neo from the Matrix and you enjoy the internet.

outreach Outreach

We believe that little things done with great love will change the world.
You want to help show our world Crazy Love